goesrecv monitor

goesrecv monitor is a software utility for monitoring the status of goesrecv by Pieter Noordhuis. goesrecv is a BPSK demodulator and CCSDS decoder used with LRIT and HRIT downlinks from geostationary weather satellites like GOES-16/17 and GK-2A.

Getting Started

Pre-built Windows executables can be found on GitHub. Microsoft .NET Framework v4.8 or later is required.

Open your goesrecv.conf file and confirm the following lines are not commented (remove #), then restart goesrecv.

bind = "tcp://"
send_buffer = 2097152

bind = "tcp://"

bind = "tcp://"

After downloading the latest goesrecv-monitor.zip, extract all files and run goesrecv-monitor.exe. Enter the IP address of a Raspberry Pi running goesrecv and click Connect (or hit enter). The constellation plot and statistics list will start showing data.