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Receiving GK-2A LRIT Images

July 30, 2019 - sam210723
  • Extract the key file called EncryptionKeyMessage_001F2904C905.bin
  • ZIP file can now be deleted
  • Copy the key file to your xrit-rx folder
  • Decryption sample code ZIP

    This Encryption Key Message file itself is encrypted and needs to be decrypted before use. The second part of the file name is the key: EncryptionKeyMessage_001F2904C905.bin. The script in the xrit-rx "tools" folder .

    python3 tools\ EncryptionKeyMessage_001F2904C905.bin 001F2904C905

    For those interested, a detailed explanation of the key decryption process is available in this older blog post.


    GEO-KOMPSAT-2A (GK-2A) is a geostationary meteorological satellite positioned at 128.2˚E and operated by the National Meteorological Satelite Center of the Korea Meteorological Administration. On July 22nd 2019 it replac...
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    COMS-1 LRIT Key Decryption

    June 26, 2018 - sam210723

    Like NOAA's series of GOES meteorological satellites, COMS-1 (128.2°E) operated by the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) has both LRIT and HRIT downlinks for disseminating real-time meteorological data. Unlike GOES, these downlinks are encrypted using single-layer DES and decryption keys are controlled by KMA th...
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    goesrecv Monitor

    July 7, 2019 - sam210723

    goesrecv Monitor is a software utility for monitoring the status of goesrecv by Pieter Noordhuis. goesrecv is a BPSK demodulator and CCSDS decoder used with LRIT and HRIT downlinks from geostationary weather satellites like GOES-16/17 and GK-2A.

    Getting Started

    Pre-built Windows executables can be foun...
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    moRFctrl - Othernet moRFeus GUI

    November 20, 2018 - sam210723

    moRFctrl is a software utility for the Othernet moRFeus RF signal generator/mixer. It can be used to manually set moRFeus parameters (i.e. frequency, mixer current, bias tee, function) and has a step generator for measuring frequency r...
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